In Maras is the Qoripujio Mountain that gives rise to our MARAS SALT WORKS; Very salty spring water springs from the subsoil and is taken to each of the 3,800 pools built in the form of platforms on the slopes of the mountain for the process of water evaporation and salt crystallization.
MARAS SALT is produced during the absence of rain in the dry season; We harvest 2 varieties of raw material salt: Pink Salt suitable for human consumption and Red Salt for industrial use. Once our salt is harvested, it is taken to the production plant for the different processes: artisanal drying, cleaning, granulometry selection, grinding, fortification according to NTP 209.015 and packaging in different presentations.
PINK MARAS SALT is SUITABLE for human consumption, it has a high purity of NaCl and up to 9 micronutrient minerals in optimal quantities necessary for the metabolic processes of our body; It has a slightly pinkish color; unique flavor that intensifies meals; The presence of Potassium decreases the concentrations of Sodium in the blood, for this reason ES SALUD doctors recommend the consumption of our PINK MARAS SALT in all types of patients, even those with a diagnosis of coronary and metabolic diseases.
"We recommend using our PINK MARAS SALT at the end of meals, to give that unique touch of flavor and not lose the benefit of its nutrients."